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First, a little bit

about me

I am an Edinburgh based member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, and have a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from the National Council for Hypnotherapy. I am fully insured, and have PVG clearance to allow me to work with adults and children. I am also CNHC-registered.


I am flexible, and will try my best to fit in with your schedule. I am willing to see you at my premises, or yours, whichever is more appropriate and comfortable.

Online services

I am also able to provide sessions online, via Zoom. My experience is that online sessions work just as well as face-to-face and, in many cases, even better.

For many people, it’s more convenient. Rather than taking time out of your day to commute to a hypnotherapist’s office, online hypnotherapy allows you to attend sessions remotely, from the comfort of your own home. For those with mobility issues, in areas with unreliable public transport, or who live in a more remote area where there may be fewer options to choose from, remote sessions offer more choice, convenience, and less hassle.


I'm happy to talk through the practicalities of this, and give you some tips to make it easier. :)

About hypnotherapy


At George Lewis Hypnotherapy, we use a Solution Focused (SF) approach.


The first step is to identify what you want to achieve. We focus on that, and the solution, rather than the causes.

It's all about the present and the future, and not the past.


Research shows that the SF model can help people make significant and positive changes relatively quickly.


Hypnosis, and the state of trance, is a very safe procedure, which can help you reduce stress and anxiety. This is done very simply through relaxation techniques, which allow you to focus on the positive aspects of your life. This helps to encourage the shift in your perspective which is central to the process.



SF Hypnotherapy can help with any and all of the following:-




Panic attacks


Self-esteem issues

Sleeping problems

Phobias (such as spiders, agoraphobia, fear of flying)

Pain management

Weight management

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Smoking cessation




Hypnotherapy can also help with the good things in your life. If you want to improve or enhance your own particular skills, SFH can help. Those things that you're already good at, but which you want to do better - like sports performance, business capabilities, general life skills - these can all be improved through appropriate SFH techniques.


I'm happy to talk over your issues and suggest a course of action. Message me on here, call me or drop me an email. Our first formal consultation is free.




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Together, we can get you back on track, and thinking positively again.


Do you have panic attacks, or a general anxiety about life that you can't get under control?

I can help you to use the tools that you already have, to get your balance back.


Do you want to stop smoking?

Of course you do. We can achieve that in one session.


Are you concerned about your weight?

Would you like help in managing it? Help is at hand, with no pills or fad diets.


Do you have a condition which causes you physical pain?

Hypnotherapy can help you to manage that pain, drug-free.


Are you scared of spiders, or heights, or something else that is preventing you from going about your daily life?

Together, we can rid you of it. Let's talk about how we do that.


Are you good (or maybe not so good) at what you do in the gym, the pool, on the track, the court or the road? Do you want to do better?

We can do that, together.


Do you want to be able to deal with the stresses of everyday life, and to switch off at the end of the day?

Let's talk about how we can achieve that.




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